Experienced in all aspects of criminal law in both Rhode Island and Connecticut.

The criminal law system is probably one of the most serious areas of the law because it impacts your most significant rights including your ability to operate a motor vehicle to maintain employment, to provide for your family, to preserve your financial assets, and to protect your liberty and avoid incarceration.

I handle all aspects of criminal law matters in both Rhode Island and Connecticut including DWI, DUI, assault, traffic infractions, domestic related issues, major and minor drug offenses, sex crimes, white collar crimes, and various casino gaming crimes.

I am capable of providing representation from the time of your arrest at the police station to initial bail hearings, which impact your freedom and ability to travel, right through the pre-trial and full trial if one becomes necessary.

Although Rhode Island and Connecticut share a close proximity geographically, the differences in their respective criminal offenses vary greatly.  If a person commits an offense in one state, it could have a dramatic effect on that persons ability to travel or maintain interpersonal relationships. In addition, it could impact a person's probation or parole status in another state.

Issues such as restraining orders or protective orders issued either by the criminal court or the family court will have a significant bearing on travel or relationships outside the state where the orders were issued.
  A full understanding of these orders are essential in providing you with the best possible legal defense to these charges.  I have a long history of representing clients right through the non-jury and jury trial process with the goal of obtaining the best results possible in your case.

I also handle expungements which is a process wherein you may have your record cleared or sealed from the court system as well as obtain orders to have any mug shots, fingerprints, or other evidence of your arrest permanently removed from the state criminal information system.
  This can be an invaluable resource for individuals seeking employment, security clearances, or educational opportunities such as admission requirements or school loans.

I provide representation in the areas of drunk driving and operating under the influence.
  All motor vehicle operators should be aware that the consequences they face in Connecticut and Rhode Island are very different in terms of how they penalize offenders and reciprocate information between states.  I can do the very best in providing you with information concerning how a charge in one state may affect you in another.

If you are facing criminal charges in Rhode Island or Connecticut, call my office today for a free consultation to discuss your case. 

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